Up to 70% of new hires come via your network.

Connections, networking, the hidden job market.

It sounds intimidating, but it's not. šŸ‘‡

Not if you know how it all works. I can teach you- in just 7 days.

Introducing my Networking Bootcamp.

This is the system I've been using to help over 1,000 clients land interviews.

I've never been more excited to create something.

Here's what you'll learn:

āœ”ļø Who makes up your network

āœ”ļø How to effectively use your network

āœ”ļø How technology can be a networking game changer

āœ”ļø How your network can lead to informational interviews

āœ”ļø Concrete steps you can take to make the most of the hidden job market

Plus, Bonuses!

āœ”ļø My LinkedIn Scorecard: Rate your profile on 40 different metrics

āœ”ļø The Social Connections Worksheet: Determine who you know who can help

āœ”ļø Tracking sheets

āœ”ļø Networking scripts and letter templates

āœ”ļø Membership in my private Bootcamp LinkedIn Group

Nothing will be hidden. Nothing held back. The hidden job market will be crystal clear.

Iā€™m pulling back the curtain and giving you all the information you need.